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Are your heat transfer fluids degrading your efficiency?

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Degraded Heat Transfer Fluids may be costing businesses tens of thousands of dollars in excess power use and lost productivity.

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Why heat transfer fluids have a big impact on operational efficiency

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All Heat Transfer Fluids degrade

Thermal stress, oxidation and contamination lead to degradation and loss of performance.

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Degradation and fouling cause real problems

Costs of heating to target temperature rise. Pipes and fluid passageways become blocked. Fluid flow slows, limiting productivity.

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Degraded Heat Transfer Fluids cause fouling throughout the system

Hard carbon deposits obstructing pipes, lines and elbows. Sludge interfering with fluid flow. Water contamination causing corrosion.

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Heat Transfer Fluid system change-outs mean production downtime

Solving the problems of Heat Transfer Fluid degradation and system fouling is costly.

Change-out intervals doubled

“When we tested CALFLO™ AF in the same system, we noticed that it didn’t have any of these problems. CALFLO AF has a longer fluid life, stands up better to higher temperatures and doesn’t create any sludge. With CALFLO AF, we only have to change-out our heat transfer systems once a year.”
Dave Feggestad, Plant Manager, Charlotte Pipe
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CALFLO heat transfer fluids designed to last

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ proven line of Heat Transfer Fluids designed to:

  • Resist thermal and oxidative stresses
  • Keep systems deposit-, corrosion- and sludge-free and protect productivity
  • Perform in all applications including extreme cold environments and high bulk temperatures
  • Meet your on-site health and safety needs.
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